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About FAB Results

FAB Results, LLC is an online bookkeeping service invested in helping small businesses thrive! We specialize in supporting marketing & business consultants, and other small businesses. Every day, we work with busy entrepreneurs to minimize time spent on bookkeeping, maintain up to date and audit-proof books, and optimize business finances for growth. Our work is focused in three key areas:

Financial Data

We keep your books clean and up to date, providing peace of mind to your growing company or business.

Financial Statements

We create your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement and explain what it means for your business.

Business Growth

We specialize in creating strategies for business development and implementing plans to scale business operations quickly and effectively.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Our virtual bookkeeping services utilize the best accounting software for marketing & business consultants, and small businesses to help you understand business expenses, utilize your financial data, and focus on scaling up. We ensure transactions get categorized correctly and reconciled against statements for accuracy while you sit back and relax!

We also offer services for business owners who are behind on their bookkeeping. We catch up your books and keep you current, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on running your business!

Using your financial data, we produce financial statements that create a snapshot. During our meetings, we review these financial reports together so that you can fully understand your business finances. We help you figure out what your numbers mean and how to improve your business. 

We go beyond analyzing your Income Statement and include your Balance Sheet and Cash Flows statement together, so that you always understand where your business stands. This gives you the full picture of your business finances, rather than a small snippet.

Budgeting and benchmarking are additional options available to add to your package.


Your growing company will need to file taxes, but hiring a CPA to do your bookkeeping at the end of each year can be costly and ineffective. We work with the tax pro of your choice to make sure your bookkeeping is complete and ready for tax time. We provide them with financial reports they need as well as make any requested adjustments to your books.

Why Choose Us?

Business Success made easier

Free Your Time

Focus on what you are good at and feel great about it! Scale business operations faster and more effectively knowing you have a partner who is committed to helping you succeed.

Simple & Precise

Our online bookkeeping system tailored for your business will keep things simple and precise. It will help you stay on top of your record keeping. Let go of the chaos and feel in control!

Grow your Business

Zero in on what you need to do to achieve business stability and collaborate with us on building a fast growing company. Our services help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Meet Our President

Hey there! My name is Sofi Vaattovaara. I love helping others through my ability to organize, analyze, and collaborate. I am excited to offer your business the help that you are looking for. I have completed bookkeeping training. I am certified in Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Time, Xero, and Hubdoc. I am working on becoming a certified bookkeeper through the Digital Bookkeeping Association.

My background is complex. I learned General Psychology, trained as a birth doula, and studied International Leadership. Those are a few examples. Growing up, I was always fascinated by people and how to help them. I want to leave the people I know in a better place than when we first met, and I include you in those people!

I have three children who are all teenagers now. Two of them are autistic. They are all homeschooled. We spend a lot of time getting to know each other, their friends, and the world through games and stories. You can find me outside in nature. I love looking at the infinite complexity of the natural world. Or chilling with a book, friends, tea, and conversation.

Meeting the needs of my family and my own desire to help others brought me to starting this business. It allows me to do what I enjoy – helping others thrive. I also sit on the board of non-profit school. We are pivoting to offer our community social-emotional support during COVID social distancing.


What our clients Say

As a busy solopreneur with a creative mind, I’ve never been the ideal person to keep my finances organized. Finding Sofi was a godsend. I feel like with them there to backstop my bookkeeping I can focus more on the stuff that I do best. They go out of their way make sure I understand what’s going on and how I’ll ultimately be able to use my accounting as a decision making tool. Looking forward to a more organized, more FAB future with Sofi on my team.
Michael Cavotta
Works like a charm every time. Sofi is wonderful to work with. They are patient and work hard to ensure my creative brain understands the numbers and how to keep my books.
Donna Von Bruening
Donna Von Bruening Photographers, Inc.
Sofi was an amazing find for which I am very grateful. They are an excellent listener, with a unique ability to “hear between the lines”. They can take unformed ideas and help to shape them into an achievable plan. Sofi can see the big picture, but is able to look at the details as well. With their invaluable help, I feel empowered to take the next steps with my organization.
Adina Bloom
Sofi has done a fabulous job of getting our little LLC on track with good accounting and business practices. They have been indispensable as we've grown, and they are a delight to work with!
Pat Jones
Flagstick Media, LLC
Sofi has been an invaluable resource for my business. They overhauled all of my out-of-date bookkeeping and systemized the structure of my previously disorganized products and services in QuickBooks. This finally allowed me to see a clear picture of my business's financial numbers in a much more comprehensive manner than ever before. I highly recommend their services.
Julie Kubal
Julie Kubal Photography

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