Bookkeeping Testimonials

As a busy solopreneur with a creative mind, I’ve never been the ideal person to keep my finances organized. Finding Sofi was a godsend. I feel like with them there to backstop my bookkeeping I can focus more on the stuff that I do best. They go out of their way make sure I understand what’s going on and how I’ll ultimately be able to use my accounting as a decision making tool. Looking forward to a more organized, more FAB future with Sofi on my team.
Michael Cavotta
Sofi has done a fabulous job of getting our little LLC on track with good accounting and business practices. They have been indispensable as we've grown, and they are a delight to work with!
Pat Jones
Flagstick Media, LLC
Sofi was an amazing find for which I am very grateful. They are an excellent listener, with a unique ability to “hear between the lines”. They can take unformed ideas and help to shape them into an achievable plan. Sofi can see the big picture, but is able to look at the details as well. With their invaluable help, I feel empowered to take the next steps with my organization.
Adina Bloom
Works like a charm every time. Sofi is wonderful to work with. They are patient nd work hard to ensure my creative brain understands the numbers and how to keep my books.
Donna Von Bruening
Donna Von Bruening Photographers, Inc.
Sofi has been an invaluable resource for my business. They overhauled all of my out-of-date bookkeeping and systemized the structure of my previously disorganized products and services in QuickBooks. This finally allowed me to see a clear picture of my business's financial numbers in a much more comprehensive manner than ever before. I highly recommend their services.
Julie Kubal
Julie Kubal Photography

Business Mentorship Testimonials

As a new bookkeeper I will filled with self doubt. I asked if someone would be willing to double check my work to see if I'd messed anything up and Sofi volunteered. They noticed some things that were off and in walking me through finding the errors I noticed that some things I'd fixed and unfixed themselves somehow. I refixed them but the numbers were still off as if I hadn't. They assured me that this wasn't a "me" issue but a QBO issue. Through multiple calls (and hours) on the phone with QBO support, Sofi was there to go through my books again and confirm that it was still not right and still not my fault. Without them, I would have been sure that I had messed up royally and had no business pretending to be a bookkeeper. They was always there to assure me that I had done the work fine and that the issues weren't mine. QBO finally got the issues resolved enough for me to finish out the clean up and pass the books on to my client's CPA and Sofi looked over them with me one final time just to be safe. In bookkeeping, there are almost always multiple ways to handle the same thing. Sofi didn't say my way was "wrong" but explained how different ways *could* affect things. They made so many nuances much clearer in addition to talking me off the bookkeeping ledge multiple times. Their help and support was invaluable and I never would have made it through that nightmare without the,. The crazy thing is that we also had a lot of fun during it all. They understood my frustration and we could laugh at the nonsense of it all.
Bryan Caldwell
Integrative Bookkeeping
I want to share my story with you about how I came to work with this beautiful soul named Sofi, President of FAB Results LLC.  Within the last 2 years I had enrolled myself in a fantastic bookkeeping course, to learn the trade and begin the journey of working for myself.  It took me almost a year and a half to complete this course, and pass all of the certifications. Once I signed on my first 2 clients, about a half a year later, I said goodbye to my other FT j-o-b, to pursue bookkeeping FT.  Although I had obtained my certification, and taken thorough notes, the time-lapse in between then and onboarding my first client made me nervous.  As I started progressing through the work, I felt nervous, and very unsure of myself.   This started to cause me great anxiety, and fear that I would not be able to properly serve my clients on the level that they deserved.  Enter: FAB Results!  Sofi had reached out to help answer a burning question that I had asked on a mutual networking forum.  I expressed my situation, and they listened fully, with compassion, and without judgement.  We soon struck up a conversation outside of the forum.  They started walking me through the areas that I was struggling with, such as how to handle retainer payments, and the best methods to work through merchant accounts such as Square and PayPal.  Any time I ran across something I was struggling with, Sofi was there in a flash!  Sofi’s concern for my success, and their patience in answering even simple questions was comforting and refreshing.  Their knowledge also ranges from Chart of Accounts, to making certain that all accounting reports are as accurate as they can be.    If you are a fellow bookkeeper who is just starting out, or a business owner who is starting to struggle with their books, I strongly suggest reaching out to FAB Results LLC.  Sofi can help you turn your business back into something positive and your mindset around to the affirmative.  You will be amazed at how efficient and simplified they can make your life.
Jessica Siegfried
Off The Grid Bookkeeping

Money Guide Testimonials

Sofi has done a phenomenal job of teaching how to build a budget, process changes, and organize my finances. Their continuous support has boosted my confidence in keeping with the goals I have set for myself. I highly recommend them for their Money Guide Program and bookkeeping needs.
Heather Shannon
Visual LX Designer

Additional Testimonials

Sofi is very smart, thoughtful, diligent, responsive and combines a great attention to detail with a good sense of the big picture. They designed a key database and maintains it to make sure it is accurate and up to date. They took the concept, sorted out the best way to implement it, set it up and stayed with it to create a great working tool.. It has become a real asset in doing long term planning. I invited them into our highly selective mentorship program and was really impressed with their ability to find good solutions, and provide meticulous follow though. 
Kathleen DesMaisons
Radiant Recovery
Sofi is a terrific person. They are smart, organized and personable. I highly recommend Sofi and FAB Results, LLC. for all of your bookkeeping needs.
Sally Levine
Levine Architecture & Design